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Our approach

From the outset, we collaborate with customers to understand and interpret their hydraulic requirements.

We then design a fit-for-purpose fluid power system, ready to fabricate, assemble and test in our own facilities.

1. Concept Designs

DHX can help you to explore the art of the possible in hydraulic power.

We welcome early engagement with you on your fluid power projects, where we can help guide decision-making in those all-important first phases.

2. Feasibility Studies

Once the operational requirements of a project are understood, we can explore the options open to you in deploying fluid power.

We can work with you to review and select the best hydraulic system configuration to meet your needs.

3. Hydraulic Design

Our designers are experts in hydraulic power. From bespoke manifolds to custom cylinders, we design exactly the system you need.

We bring decades of hydraulic experience to your project, right from the start.

4. Implementation

DHX has designed and built hydraulic systems for over 50 years.

We call on that experience to help you avoid many of the challenges that can prevent a smooth transition from design to build.

5. Machining & Fabrication

At the heart of DHX is our workshop, home to some of the very best machining and fabrication engineers in the industry.

DHX can manufacture bespoke hydraulic cylinders, pistons and manifolds to class-leading levels of workmanship and precision. 

6. Assembly & Test

DHX is often asked to assemble and test complete hydraulic systems.

Our knowledge and facilities combined, create the perfect environment for thorough and proper testing of hydraulic systems, however complex.

7. Installation & Commissioning

The complexities of fluid power systems invariably demand significant experience and expertise for a successful installation.

DHX can support your project teams during installation and commissioning.

8. Service & Maintenance

Hydraulics are known for their rugged strength and resilience in a wide variety of harsh environments.

However, it’s important to make sure that systems are running smoothly and reliably.

For in-service support, including maintenance agreements, repairs and upgrades, visit ISX.