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Subsea Infrastructure

Hydraulic Power Unit

The Challenge

The global energy industry continues to evolve to meet the challenges of delivering energy more efficiently to more people. Distributing power has increasingly required infrastructure to be deployed offshore, across the seabed, often over thousands of miles.

This is a huge engineering task, with the sheer size and weight of the pipes and cables needed to create a subsea energy network. From the factory to the ship to the seabed, immense and controlled power is required to deploy infrastructure safely and efficiently.

The Solution

DHX designed, built and tested a Hydraulic Power Unit to power two tracks that sit above and below a subsea pipe pusher at a spoolbase in the United States. DHX’s solution moves the pipe forward with a 300t grip and 75t of pushing force.

With an output of 450kW and capable of operating up to 400bar, the HPU has ample power to reliably advance a continuous 1km length of pipe out of the factory to the waiting ship, via approach rollers located at the edge of the jetty.

Technical Details

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